I Did Very Little Today

I meant to do something productive today since my finals are over for the term. I meant to do more Write to Publish 2016 stuff. I meant to do more brainstorming on marketing and cover ideas for Finding Hekate. I meant to work on my stories, my second story for FH, my fanfiction, my other original works. I meant to do things for Ooligan Press.

But did I?

I got caught in a spiral of watching Geek and Sundry‘s Critical Role series instead. (Watch it live or on YouTube.) This D&D show is AMAZING! I’ll do all that other stuff tomorrow…

Please, let me know in the comments if you’ve ever gotten sucked into something so hard that it negated your responsibilities for the day. If so, what was it? If not, how do you resist such a wonderful temptation?

Also, A HUGE THANK YOU to all my followers. I just hit 200, and that’s kind of amazing to me.

Warm regards,

The New Look

Soooo, here’s it is!

It was a headache trying to set this baby up (domain names, you can’t change them, who would have thought?) but, with a few alterations here and there, I’ll be able to get this thing running, smooth as warmed honey.

Now, time to search out the blogs I followed previously and convince my followers I’m not a creeper. I’m not, really.

I’ll be sure to post a writing-inspired snippet tomorrow!

Until then!
Warmest regards,