Two Best Books With Two Best Wines

Happy National Wine Day!

That’s right. It’s National Wine Day, and how should we all celebrate this lovely holiday? By reading books, of course! Here’s two of my favorite wine/book pairings you should consider:

51MUF7bj-lL._SY346_For The Red Wine Lover
Cabernet Sauvignon: full-bodied, gripping, blackcurrant notes, good with red meats
The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss: high fantasy, bold characters, twisting plot
With the bold taste of the wine and some nice red meat, you’ll really feel like you’re adventuring in a fantasy world with Kvothe and the others. While Kvothe’s stealing some poor chap’s coin, you’ll be stealing a lovely evening.



For The White Wine Lover

Riesling: light, fresh, apple notes, good with chicken and fish
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, Becky Chambers: fun scifi, character-driven plot, great worldbuilding
With the refreshing taste of the wine and perhaps some fish, you’ll be simply swept away by the wacky characters and fun storyline of the Wayfarer crew. While they’re off having adventures in the black, you’ll be adventuring right there with them.
Eh? EH? It’s a brilliant idea. So after work, stop by the wine shop and grab a bottle, stop by the bookshop and grab a book, and then head home to relax! I hope you enjoy the night off with a good book and a good glass of wine.

Until next time!
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Book Giveaway Announcement!

Hello fellow nerds!

Would you like to win a free book? (Of course, you would. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to win a free book? Crazy people, that’s who. Are you crazy? I think not.) Well, my non-crazy fellow nerds, you’re in luck!

I’m hosting a six-book giveaway of Losing Hold over on my author Facebook page! I’m going to sign them, too, so you get to see my pretty scrawl. How do you enter? Simply Like and Comment on this pinned post about who your favorite scifi protagonist is! I did something similar with Finding Hekate and folks really loved it, so I’m hoping my readers like this opportunity, too!

Here are the official specs.

Rules/Eligibility Requirements:
– To Enter: Like and Comment about who your favorite scifi protagonist is
– Giveaway starts on May 16th and ends on May 30th, midnight PST
– US participants only, no international fans (sorry!)
– Adults only (18+)
– SIX winners will be randomly drawn from the entries and announced on May 31st
– No purchase necessary, but feel free to share if you’d like!

About The Book You Could Win:

In this sequel to Finding Hekate and after escaping Donavin’s grasp, Mia Foley and her crew crash on a prison planet and need to deal with its inhabitants, beast and criminals alike. Mia hears Donavin in her mind once again and knows the transformation into one of his drones isn’t far off. Trapped in her own body, lashing against Donavin each chance she gets, and fearful that she’ll lose it all, Mia has to rely on her crew—on Cassidy—to save her. But she’s not the only one transforming in her little group, and things never go as smoothly as they could out in the black.

So go like and comment today! It’s super easy, and you could win a free book!

I hope you have a lovely Saturday.
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Inspiration: Where Do Stories Come From?

Stories. Where do they come from? What is that one spark that makes you traverse the long, windy road that is a completed story, whether it’s a poem, flash fiction, short fiction, or series of novels? That idea has to come from somewhere, right? It’s a question that authors get all the time during interviews and to be completely honest, that one “aha” moment can come from anything, anywhere, anytime.

Sometimes it’s a location that jogs the creativity. Or that couple walking down the street hand-in-hand. Sometimes it’s as simple as a sense-memory from your childhood or a dream or another book. Sometimes you have a really great one-liner that you just can’t stop thinking about. Sometimes—like in the case for Suzanne Collins—it came come from simply flipping through TV channels. Sometimes—like in the case for J.K. Rowling—a fully fleshed character walks into your mind like they’ve been there for years.

So, really, that spark of inspiration can come from anything, anywhere, anytime, and that’s the excitement of being a writer. You never know when an idea will smack you across the face and demand you pay attention. It can be the littlest of things that makes your creativity churn.

Case in point, here’s where the spark for the entire Cicatrix Duology came from. I had a short story due for my undergraduate writing club and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what to write about. Completely stumped. Then, these three simple lines popped into my head:

“We have come to collect you, Mia.” Her left hand twitched. “We have come.”

That’s it. Not the scifi aspect. Not the plotline. Not even Mia herself. Just those three little lines. But those were enough to spiral my creativity into overdrive and start asking questions. Who wanted her? What’s with her left hand? How long had she been running? Why was she running? After that, the scifi aspect clicked into place, then the scar, then the character, then…well…everything else.

So here’s a little tip: Pay Attention. Write those things down. Even if you can’t get to the idea right now, put it in a ToWrite folder and save it for later. You never know when you’ll want to come back to it.

If you’d like to read the Cicatrix Duology, you can get Finding Hekate here and the (newly published!!) Losing Hold here.

Until next time!
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Happy Launch Day for LOSING HOLD

It’s out! Losing Hold is out! *does a little dance* It’s been launched into the world, and I hope people enjoy it. I so, so, so, so look forward to reading what folks have to say!

Here are some things about the book, in case you didn’t know:


What It’s About:
In the sequel to Finding Hekate, after escaping Donavin’s grasp, Mia Foley and her crew crash on a prison planet and need to deal with its inhabitants, beast and criminals alike. Mia hears Donavin in her mind once again and knows the transformation into one of his drones isn’t far off. Trapped in her own body, lashing against Donavin each chance she gets, and fearful that she’ll lose it all, Mia has to rely on her crew—on Cassidy—to save her. But she’s not the only one transforming in her little group, and things never go as smoothly as they could out in the black.

What Folks Are Saying About It:

“I have to admit I kept forgetting I was reading it for a purpose, and kept getting lost in the words—in a good way! It flows well, I don’t have any lingering questions (other than wondering how I can live in your mind—I want to hang out with Mia and Cassidy now!), and it fits nicely after the first one.” ~ Becky Wright, beta reader

Where You Can Buy It:
Amazon: Digital and Print
Createspace: Print
Smashwords: Digital
You’ll soon be able to get it through Bella Books, too!

I can’t believe Losing Hold is out. It’s the completion of the duology, the wrap-up of Mia and Cassidy’s story, the end of this grand adventure! It’s a pretty big deal. So, in celebration of the book release, I’ve decided to make myself a lovely dinner of baked salmon, veggies, and a glass of wine. Plus cookies for dessert! It’s going to be a yummy night indeed.

I’m off to start cooking! If you have any questions about the book, please do let me know in the comments! And, if you buy my book, I hope you enjoy the adventure! (I certainly did.)
Until next time,


Join Me For #SciFiCircle!

Hello fellow nerds,

I’ve been wanting to do a Twitter hashtag game for a while now, ever since I found out that it was a thing last year. It’s such a cool idea, bringing fellow creatives together to celebrate something (writing, fandoms, events, etc.) so I decided to start one too!

In honor of my book Losing Hold coming out in April, I’m hosting a #SciFiCircle hashtag game on Twitter, starting tomorrow and going through the entire month!

There will be one question per day, posted from my Twitter account @Kellie_Doherty between 9–10am PST. Folks who want to join in can answer the questions (using the hashtag) and hopefully connect with other science fiction lovers. I’ll be answering the questions, too!

Here’s a little preview of the questions:
What’s your favorite classic science fiction book?
What’s your favorite recent scifi book?
Who’s your favorite scifi character?
Who’s your favorite scifi villain?

I’m excited to start this game and I look forward to connecting with other scifi lovers!

If you’re on Twitter and you enjoy science fiction, you should join in!
Warm regards,

Losing Hold Update: Cover and Synopsis

Hello all! So last Friday I tried something a little different and had a Facebook event for my cover reveal. It went well, and I’m so excited to show off the cover to Losing Hold, the second book in my Cicatrix Duology!


I’m thrilled with how it turned out. The colors are super vibrant, it meshes amazingly with the first cover, and it works well with a lot of different aspects of the story. I want to thank Rachel from Rachel George Illustrations for her lovely work on this cover. She does amazing art, and I’m so blessed to have her talents once again. I also want to thank Desert Palm Press for publishing my book! They’re a great company to work with.

Here’s the synopsis for Losing Hold:
After escaping Donavin’s grasp, Mia Foley and her crew crash on a prison planet and need to deal with its inhabitants, beast and criminals alike. Mia hears Donavin in her mind once again and knows the transformation into one of his drones isn’t far off. Trapped in her own body, lashing against Donavin each chance she gets, and fearful that she’ll lose it all, Mia has to rely on her crew—on Cassidy—to save her. But she’s not the only one transforming in her little group, and things never go as smoothly as they could out in the black.

This book will be published in April – NEXT MONTH! – and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll post more about it the closer we get to the pub date! (Getting more and more excited as it gets closer.)

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!
Warm regards,


Fantasy Inspiration (A Song You May Find Familiar)

Inspiration can come from anywhere, as we all know, and I’m inspired by a lot of things when I’m walking around or just going my daily business. (Like trees and people and flowers and conversations. You know, the usual.)  I scribble things down in a notepad or the Notes section in my iPhone and go about the rest of my day, thanking myself for jotting down the gem to use later on because I KNOW I won’t remember it.

But when it comes to actually sitting down and writing the story? Well, that’s a bit different. I tend to gravitate towards certain things…okay, one certain thing…

And it’s probably because my current WIP is a fantasy and this is a fantasy-based song (obviously) and lets just admit that I love the LOTR soundtrack, but honestly, it’s so much easier to write when I have this on in the background. I dunno why, it just is. So I go with it.

What kinds of songs do you listen to while writing?

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday night!
Warm regards,

Sci-fi Romance Sweepstakes!

Attention science fiction nerds!!

Sci-Fi-Doherty-Kellie.pngDo you like reading science fiction with a dash of romance thrown in? Well, if so, I have a fun surprise that I’d like to share with you. (If not, the holidays are just around the corner and if you win, you’d have your presents already done!)

To celebrate the end of fall, I’ve teamed up with more than 60 lovely science fiction romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!

You can win my novel FINDING HEKATE, plus books from authors like Sharon Lynn Fisher and Veronica Scott.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here:

Good luck!
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Why Metroid, Other M, is an Awesome Game

Permit me, if you may, this moment of sheer geekiness.  (I’ll pull it back to writing in a moment.)

Metroid, Other M, is an awesome game.

Now, don’t all rush at me at once, I know some people will fault it for ‘not playing true to the character’ or ‘not having enough backstory’- both complaints I’ve heard recently – but I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never before forayed into the world of Metroid or have really played Samas (Smash Brothers aside, of course, I adore her armor-less, that electric whip she has does wonders to enemies.)

To be fair though, I will consider both the good and the changeable aspects I’ve found within the game (so I don’t sounds like the complete and utter fangirl that I am).

Let’s go through this like a critique, shall we? I analyze the written word quite frequently… perhaps the same technique can be used successfully on the gaming world as well (attention, spoiler alert!):

Things I like:

1) Samas – enough said right there. But I’ll ramble some more. She’s an awesome character, a bit moody at times, but the monologue she did in the very beginning of the game – the opening, if you will, to set  everything up – was poetry, pure and simple. I also liked the simple ‘how-to’ guide in the beginning, having never played her character before, this greatly helped in figuring out what she can and cannot do. That being said, her attacks were easy enough to master. Also, the fact that she can transform into a ball and drop bombs (while completely unrealistic) is just plain cool.

2) Enemies – The fact that the main threat is a tiny creature who looks like a cross between a rabbit and a rabid dog is both brilliant and hilarious to me. I get that it’ll turn in horrible creature later on, probably rip my throat out if need be considering what it did to the research lab, but for now it seems quite harmless and… quite frankly kind-of cute too.

3) The Biospheres – I was wondering how they would incorporate different weathers into this story, although I’ve known sci-fi games based entirely on ships, it’s not nearly as fun as running through snow or being burt alive by lava (the lava dragon seemed a bit strange to me though, I must admit.) I do like the levels of the ship, section if you will, it’s a good idea and makes perfect sense for the researchers to want to see various lifeforms in their own ‘habitats.’

Things I don’t like:

1) The Suit –The armor is odd, it seems like it would be very clunky, and the colors, while I love orange and red, would stand out way too much in a combat situation. It’s too unrealistic for me. I’ve heard the scandal of the previous games is the players never knew Samas was a girl until the very end when she strips off her body armor (and only if that player accumulated enough points). The game’s up, the curtain has been removed; everyone knows she’s a girl. I want to see her kick ass without that suit! I’m much more partial to her that way because I’ve played her like that on Super SmashBrothers. Give me that electric whip and I’ll throw down all the creepy aliens in my path. Plus she looks better in blue, in my opinion (which, yes, I know would also stand out horribly in a combat situation). I understand that she’s on a ship in outer space that’s been compromised and she needs the armor but come on, if she can transform into a ball in that armor, at least the shape could be changed as well.

2) Controls – While I first did not mind the controls, horizontal mostly then vertical if you’d like to zoom in, I am not finding it to be a hindrance, especially in the fast-paced areas where Samas only has a short time before she gets killed. It’s supposed to be that way, I would assume, to put more pressure on the player and to test his or her gaming skills but for me, it’s an annoying feature. Test my gaming skills by giving me harder enemies to kill, not by how fast I can turn the controller.

3) The Storyline – thus far it’s been alright, yes I said it, ‘alright’ not ‘brilliant’ or ‘amazing’ rather quite predictable if anything. I get orders from Officer Adam, I follow orders, I shoot things. Thus far I haven’t found anything too terribly stimulating mind-wise, as in puzzles and such (for example, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had various puzzles to solve in order to get into certain places). Let me make this clear, though, it’s not a ‘bad’ storyline, the characters are good, the enemies are many, and the power-ups come few and far in-between so you really have to stock up or save often. But it’s not what I call ‘a thinking game.’ Yes, you need to coordinate attacks, yes you need to think through certain areas to find the way out and in, but not too terribly hard.

Overall, it’s a good game, I like the style, the characters and the threats thus far. Are there a few things I would change? Of course, but those things would not deter me from playing (and enjoying) the game.


Did I swing it back to writing? No? Well, here, perhaps they could have done a bit better with writing the storyline, include a few more twists and turns here and there to make it a bit more exciting. There, writing. Although, I must admit, I have not finished the game yet, so perhaps there will be a twist hidden in the future. Time to play some more and see…

(You know what’s also an amazing game? Zelda, Skyward Sword.)

Until next time!
Warm regards,