Whaaaaat? A female THOR?

I read on The Mary Sue (and every other website out there these days) that Marvel Comics has a brand new idea for a story. A female Thor. Yes, you read that right, A Female Thor. (Take a few breathes to let it sink in.)

Marvel Comics Announced July 15, 2014 -  Thor will be female.
Marvel Comics Announced July 15, 2014 – Thor will be female.

And while I like that Marvel is branching out with their female characters – putting them more on the front line and less in the romance, giving them a more crucial role in the plot – this new idea is a little, well, odd.

I like Thor. The male version. I think Thor will always be considered a male character and that perhaps men will dislike this new version of their character. (I am a female and I don’t like this new version of the character.)

And I know there is such a thing as gender-swapping, and sometimes it’s fun and cool to do. It’s interesting for the storyline. It puts a new perspective on the hero/heroine’s current hardships.

But really.


Skipping the part where it’s a little bit of a cop-out to use the same name and powers, the original male Thor is a Norse god. He has a history in the Norse mythology. His hammer has a history, too. Their history is pretty much twined together (save for one part where the hammer was stolen and, yes, Thor had to cross-dress as a woman to get it back). Why break the duo apart?

For the challenge? Okay. You know what else is challenging? Bringing up a Norse goddess and crafting a totally new story around her.

For the shock value? Okay. You know what else would be shocking? Bringing up a Norse goddess and crafting a totally new story around her.

For gender equality and female empowerment? Okay. You know what isn’t empowering women or equaling the genders? Switching the gender of a legendary Norse god, when there are plenty, PLENTY of legendary Norse goddesses to chose from.

I did a quick Google search and came up with this list:

Freya – Goddess of Love and Beauty, wisdom and magic, and a warrior
Skadi – Goddess of Winter and the Hunt
Frigga – Mother of them All
Hel – Goddess of the Dead and the Afterlife
Sif – Harvest Goddess
Idunna – Goddess of Youth and Beauty
Eostre – Goddess of Spring and Fertility
Nerthus – Goddess of Sea and of Rivers
The Valkyries – Badass female warriors

Would it take more time to craft a new story around a new goddess? Yes.

Would it take more time to bring her up to the (awesome) level of Thor and the other Avengers? Yes.

Would it be worth it? Yes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. She might be awesome. She might be the most interesting rendition of Thor ever. She might just be … cool.

I hope it does, since everyone deserves to try new uncharted territories every once in a while and have it work out for them.

But I’m also hoping that Marvel Comics will craft a new story around a new (read: not Thor) goddess. That would be an uncharted territory, too.


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New Cover, Old Stereotype

I’m a fan of Teen Titans. Okay, not like a I-dream-of-dressing-up-like-one-of-them-during-a-comiccon fan, but I used to watch the show back in 2003. I loved the show. The characters were funny, the plotlines, fun, and action, easy to follow. I liked Raven. I still like the show in a nostalgic, wasn’t-my-childhood-great kind of way. I even write fanfiction about it, because yes, I’m a geek.

But when I see this:


…for the new  relaunch of Teen Titans #1, I get a bit, well, disappointed. Now, I know in most comic books the female characters are often dressed in an alluring fashion, meaning very tight and usually very revealing outfits. It’s a ridiculous stereotype still portrayed in comic books today, but this cover, in particular, went a bit too far. I mean, really. Look at Wonder Girl. Stop. Look at her again. It’s way far off the mark.

Why? Three reasons: 

1) This is Teen Titans. It’s about teenagers. Any teenager that well endowed has probably gotten a bit of help. Do you see how round her breasts are? That’s just not normal, folks.
2) One solid kick to her face/chest/shoulder/any part of her body and that top would just snap right off her (or at very least, there’d be a nipslip).
3) It’s a stereotype. DC can (and should) do better.

Now, I don’t mind seeing a bit of skin on a woman, and sometime I, too, like to show off a bit. But THAT MUCH cleavage? On a teenager? Might as well be giving the whole female gender a shove out the equality door, then slosh out the self-respect with them, too. Plus, it would be next to impossible for her to fight in that outfit without having to readjust. I mean, the Black Widow’s outfit is tight, too, but at least she can fight in it.

(And speaking of equality, look at Bunker – can you tell he has darker skin? Not really, no.)

Overall while Beast Boy, Raven, and Red Robin look good and the setting seems exciting, the other two main characters are a bit sad in comparison.

Although looking again, I could do without the helicopter… and possibly that paper airplane… and the piece of paper floating beside Beast Boy. It’s too random for me. 

But maybe others will like it. Thoughts?

Have a lovely weekend!
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